Personal Training


Macao Fitness members have soon realized the benefits of having a personal trainer while working with them. Our personal trainers will help you reach whatever your fitness goals are- from designing a specific workout and diet program, and to motivate you everyday at the gym.

Members receives an hour training session with our trainers.

Please review our Personal Training policy here.


  • You do not see results If you have been working out everyday and eating “what you think” your own diet meals constantly, but still do not see results, getting a trainer is a good choice.
  • You may not be eating right or have the wrong macros – that’s why our trainers can track your mistakes – eating habits, training, and make your workouts much more competitive.
  • Where to start Knowing what and which kind of exercises are suitable for your body type, whether weight lifting or high intensity training that you need.
  • Also knowing the repetition range, sets, and how heavy you should do? This is where a personal trainer can be the biggest help.
  • Always Challenge Your Body If you are doing the same old routine over and over again, obviously you are not getting the utmost results! Personal trainers help you build a specific workout plan only for you and your body type. They motivate  you and encourage you to lift more heavy – pushing to the limit.
  • Accountability Macao Fitness trainers have built-in motivation, to provide accountability and motivation for maximizing your results.

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