BrosVPros 19 Macau

RXMUSCLE BROS V PROS 19 in Macao Fitness, Macau

BROs V PROs 19 (Bench Press and Bicep Curl competition) was held at Macao Fitness on January 11th, and Dave Palumbo Hardcore seminar also at Macao Fitness on January 12th 2014. Those event were LIVE streamed through

Replay videos:

Don’t miss your chance to meet the PROS and compete for who does the MOST repetition (Bench Press and Bicep Curl) and get the chance to win $5000 MOP Grand Prize money.


Bench press
1. Anil Kumar. 66 reps
2. Pavlo Lysenko. 57 reps
3. Makan Hang Kathmand. 53 reps

1. Pavlo Lysenko. 137 reps
2. Makan Hang Kathmand. 131 reps
3. Pedro Gomes. 115 reps

Winner of the bench – Pania Loughlin. 23 reps

Winner of the curl – Theresa Mancita. 52 reps

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